"D" - Daklinza, Daliresp, Danocrine, Ddavp, Deep Cleansing Apricot Face Wash, Dekarsinohills, Demadex, Depakote, Desogen, Desonate

  • Deep Cleansing Apricot Face Wash

    Deep Cleansing Apricot Face Wash®

    apricot, aloe vera, red lentil, neem

    Deep Cleansing Apricot Face Wash® gently removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores to reveal softer and smoother skin. It eliminates blackheads and prevents the recurrence of acne.

    $ 7.98
  • Diabecon



    Diabecon is an ayurvedic blend of over 30 herbs and minerals and provides gentle and safe glycemic control. It promotes glucose utilization and helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. It helps maintain healthy triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Diabecon supports healthy pancreatic functions and promotes beta cell regeneration. The main function of the pancreas is to produce insulin in just the right amount to maintain constant glucose levels in the body. Beta cells in the pancreas are responsible for producing insulin.

    $ 9.98
  • Diabecon Ds

    Diabecon DS®

    shilajeet, indian kino tree’s, gymnema’s

    Diabecon DS® is a double strength phytopharmaceutical formulation for the effective management of type II diabetes.Diabecon helps in imbalanced carbohydrate metabolism. It takes care of biochemical parameters in the blood and long-term complications that affect vital organs such as eyes and kidneys. Double strength formulation.

    $ 0.18
  • Diakof



    Diakof is a sugar-free cough linctus beneficial in both productive and dry cough. The mucolytic and expectorant properties reduce the viscosity of bronchial secretions and facilitate expectoration.

    $ 11.65
  • Dramamine

    Generic Dramamine


    Dimenhydrinate is used to prevent and treat nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and vertigo associated with motion sickness.

    $ 0.58
  • Dulcolax

    Generic Dulcolax


    Generic Dulcolax is a stimulant laxative. It acts directly on the bowels, stimulating the bowel muscles to cause a bowel movement. Bisacodyl is used for relieving occasional constipation and irregularity.

    $ 0.50
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